Face Recognition & Automatic Tagging

Build Vizziny’s face recognition into your app and make it easier for your users to search & retrieve their photos. Vizziny is optimized for social photo applications

Pick a winner! Picking the best out of similar photos

Need to pick the best photo from a set? Vizziny automatically recognizes similar photos and picks the best one for you!

Object & Scene Recognition

Want to select party photos? Or photos of pets? Outdoor photos? Easy!

We are working on some very exciting new features. If you need a feature, drop us a line

Completely FREE!
No monthly API calls limit, users limit or any other hidden costs
No extensive bandwidth usage
nor expensive cloud computing power is needed
The only computer vision SDK that analyzes photos on device
We value privacy. Your users’ photos never leave their phones!
Background processing
Photos are analyzed in the background, without interrupting user experience
Easy integration
Get started with Vizziny in minutes
Decide which features your app needs
Powerful and feature rich


Vizziny is a software library, designed to run on a mobile phone, and provide mobile app developers with advanced Computer Vision capabilities. Computer Vision is a generalized name for a set of technologies, that allow computers to "understand" the contents of a photo.
Currently Android and iOS platforms are supported.
There are no special requirements for the developer. Any mobile application that needs Computer Vision capabilities can integrate the Vizziny SDK.
Whoever it is... the answer is probably yes :) Our Computer Vision scientists created unrivaled technology that we're really proud of. Besides, currently Vizziny is the only SDK for Mobile Apps that offers on-device photo analysis. And it's free!
We have invested a lot of effort to make sure that our technology is battery-efficient. In our tests Vizziny never reaches the list of battery-draining apps. Try it and see for yourself!
Yes we do! But since that requires time from our servers, it cannot be offered for free. Please contact us to hear more details.

Our pricing plans

We offer industry leading Computer Vision technology, completely free of charge for your mobile applications. There are no hidden fees, and no limitations on the amount of users. Please contact us if you are interested in our Cloud API, or in advanced features which are not available in our Basic Vizziny product.

Basic Vizziny
  • Face Recognition
  • Automatic Tagging
  • Similar Photos Detection
  • Best Photo Selection
  • Unlimited Users
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Vizziny For Cloud
  • Basic and Advanced Vizziny features
  • Available in the cloud
  • Fits storage and web apps
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